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Deals & Events:

  • With DOLAZONE Deals & Events, you're able to list your deals/events to be discovered by our users up to Maximum of 60km from users location or by using the City/Surburb name to search deals/events that are at a different placefrom where a user is.

  • We able to deliver Notifications to the users based on their Demographic by either scheduling or sending an instant message that when clicked, will open the deal of the listed deals/events.

  • Once your deal/event has been Listed, we send 3 alerts to our users on different times for the duration of the listing for Maximum reach.

  • Users are able to Search or Filter deals/events based on Categories listed.

  • We provide Full Analytics on your Deal/Event to show how many times your deal was discovered.

  • Once a User have viewed your Deal/Event, they are able to see more details on the Deal/Event such as discount price, duration of the deal/event and more info on the deal/event.
  • Users also have options of contacting the listed contact to get more info on the deal, Visit the web or make online purchases or get more info, navigate to your outlet and also put a deal on reminder for a more convenient time.

Listing Awareness:

  • Contact for details on these offerings:

  • We able to deliver Notifications to the users based on their Demographic by either scheduling or sending an instant message that when clicked on, will open the listed deal/event.

  • 3 messages are Free and if more are required user can contact us at

  • We able to alert our users when they are close to your business, upon clicking the message they will see details of the deals, for more info on pricing for this option contacts

  • You able to strategically provide other locations that you want the Deal/Event to be discovered, for more info on pricing for this option contact

  • You can also choose to List your Deal/Event at areas that DOLAZONE have pre marked, for more info on pricing and options contact

Brand Advertising

  • Contact for details on these offerings:

  • With DOLAZONE Brand Advertising, you're able to have your Brand exposed to DOLAZONE users every time they launch the App or every time the App is accessed from other triggers.

  • We call this space Splash Dazzle, to access this space, Brand Bids and the Brand with the highest Bid at the end of the Bidding period, will have the Brand appearing on this space infront of many DOLAZONE users.

  • Your Brand also has a potential of being seen by other people other than the device owner, either when a user launch the App close to friends or if users device is being used by other people.

  • Brands that are from #2 to #4 from the bidding process will be listed inside the App where users will also be exposed to these Brands.

  • This space we call "Ad-Posters" where a user have the option of clicking on the Brand Ad-poster to view more details.

  • To be able to participate in the Bidding process, Brand will obtain the DOLAZONE App for Brands, that will be used for bidding processes.

  • In addition to the above, Brands are able to select the option of having their Brands listed on our Visual Billboard for more visibility apart from manual launching of the App.

Interested to get DOLAZONE App…

DOLAZONE App have a whole lot of features tailored to adding value to you as a user and to whistle to you on many things from finding & delivering the following to you: deals, events, new places, news, web & catalogues and social media news from your timeline.


Read All the latest News and view Catalogues from Big Brands -All the favourite news or mostly followed news providers in the palm of your hand. Say bye to printed catalogue specials and Hello to DOLAZONE Cataloques for Brands.


Discover deals around you & Never miss an Event again - have you been to a mall to buy something specific and when you get to work or meet with friends you hear that there was a special for a Curved Tv that you’ve been longing for and you missed it, with DOLAZONE App, Never again. Have you ever missed an event just because you never heard it on radio or saw a Billboard or saw Advert on Tv or got to buy ticket late only to find that event has ended or tickets are sold out? Well with DOLAZONE App, never again.


Always stay connected on Social - Don’t wanna be tempted to spend time on twitter or Facebook, With DOLAZONE you can see & read all that your friends are saying without you being lost and spending un planned time on social networks.


Virtual Billboards & Guardian Angel - have you ever asked this question, what was on that Billboard? Well with DOLAZONE App, you’ll check Billboard at your own convenient by checking your notifications. Have you visited a place and worried about safety? Well DOLAZONE App knows most places and we will alert you when you approach an unsafe area known to us.


Find new places or Find your way if you new in the City - ever been to a new place and you battled to find restaurants and other places or theres a new place in town that has opened and have never even heard about? Well with DOLAZONE App enables you to find places you looking for and the info about the place. You also able to schedule & plan which places you going to visit and at what times, DOLAZONE App will alert you when it’s time.


As a user, with DOLAZONE App you able to do even more things such as: providing feedback, search, filter, call, navigate, put items on reminder, visit web on deals/events/places, share anything with friends and share DOLAZONE App with friends.

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